When the cubs aren’t enough

By Fernando Gallegos
By Fernando Gallegos

By Antonio Cortez Appling

stars have captured my nets
when you find me I’ll be

vanquished from missing
lost in my pastimes corazon
praying to the altars of my hurt feelings
selfish in my response
spiteful in the name of limited
graceless in the name of justice
unconditional melted chocolates
piano black keys clanging
loving from a place monosyllabic
loving like you friend
when you Lover
I’m sorry…
I loved you like chemotherapy
made your cancer my burden
instead of saying..
I’m sorry music can’t fix you
I’m sorry you have to live
with the fallacy of the stars romance
and sleep with the stars violence
the chaos and burning

“Remission is a bullshit word.”

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