Souvenirs Inside

By Michele Rene
By Michele Rene

By Trista Hurley-Waxali

Something tells me this is the place to find
all of your handmade desires.
Where tables line parallel to each other like school desks
in this outdoor mall.
A steady flow of bodies look for keepsakes before dinner.
As people course through with enough space to break and post on Instagram

What did you come to buy?
What did you want to bring home?
A dress,
a memory,
maybe an orange sarong?

So many good deals.
Afterall, the price of a dress can keep a
family fed for a week. The price
for her company can feed a family
for a month.

Bargaining helps to keep some sellers
from taking your money. For
they look to who is interested, as a new form
of pickpocketing. In a place where
everyone aims to please, no
one goes home empty handed.

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