Michele Vavonese

bioMichele Vavonese has been making, selling and teaching art for over 20 years. Originally born and raised in New York, she completed her schooling with an MFA degree from Rochester Institute of Technology. After graduation she continued to make, teach and show art across the country until she finally landed in the area of Los Angeles, California.
In 2006 Michele opened her own studio  in the L.A. region where she makes original art for exhibitions and takes commissioned work for private individuals. Since then she has been building a large group of work and continues exhibiting, also receiving honors in activism and teaching.
Michele also currently is Senior Director of Operations at Hope Center for the Arts in Anaheim, Ca.
Some of her latest shows and publications include:
2016 “Top Ten Artists” Coagula Curatorial Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2015 “MASque Attack” Temporary Space L.A., Los Angeles, CA
2015 “Animal Spirit” Location 1980 Gallery, Costa Mesa, CA
2015 “Exhibition” EXPO Arts Center, Long Beach, CA
2015 “Woman in Contemporary Art” Chico Art Center, Chico, CA
ArticulAction Art Review, Anniversary Edition March 2016

Find out more at MicheleVavoneseStudio.com and on  Facebook.

By Michele Vavonese

By Michele Vavonese

By Michele Vavonese

By Michele Vavonese

By Michele Vavonese
By Michele Vavonese

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