Karen S. Córdova

IMG_KarenC.PP2.5540_pp-Version2Karen S. Córdova is a business woman and poet, who lives in Irvine, California. She loves having a split brain from which she can wander from reconciling financial statements to writing, for example, a poem comparing a bird to an accountant.

Karen has deep roots both in Colorado and New Mexico. Much of her writing reflects love of her heritage by weaving stories about la gente of the Southwest. Her ancestors are Spanish, Native American, and a few extranjero mountain men who wandered west. Her parents continued following that westward trajectory in the 1950s, making California her almost lifelong home. Karen has written poems about the 110 Freeway, Chavez Ravine, Orange County’s San Diego Creek, and an Irvine swamp, no longer in existence.  However, even those roads and waterways all lead to New Mexico.

Karen’s work has been published in many journals. She loves participating in formal poetry events and giving poetry presentations to the general public with the intention of converting at least a few non-poetry-lovers into the fold.

Karen irreparably believes in the power of poetry. Her first book, Farolito, casts a Hispano light on the dark subject of elder abuse, but also illuminates a jagged path to unexpected healing. She is an advocate for the prevention of elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation.



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