Sarah Lim

12359938_10153657203909543_5669829858714925780_nSarah Lim began taking photographs in 2011 with a hand me down first generation iPhone. Her early work was mostly food, as she is also a Farm to Table Chef. She became passionate about photography and began to explore other subjects such as flowers, people, and most recently, the local music, poetry, and art scene in Long Beach and LA.

Sarah seeks to capture moments of beauty, clarity, and most of all, love, in her work. She feels that her work is her gift to the world and she is deeply grateful to her much loved Long Beach community for all the opportunities they present to her to give her gift. She is proud to document the thriving creativity all around her that is a constant source of inspiration for her own work. She is most thankful to God/dess to live in such a beauty filled world! (Header photo by Bryan Scott)

Follow her photography, SOL Shots on Facebook and on Instagram:  slimhappy65. Discover her catering gift at SOL Kitchen on Facebook.





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