Beth McIlvaine

12239476_980603591982544_7689897228495150483_nBeth McIlvaine stumbled into a spoken word tent at Lollapalooza when she was 13 and it changed her life. She was published in 51%, The Valley of Contemporary Poets Anthology, Don’t Blame the Ugly Mug: An Anthology, and some other publications she can’t remember because that was ages ago. More recently, she was published in the anthology Like a Girl from Lucid Moose Press and the online journal Damfino. She co-hosted the once-infamous Java Gardens reading in Huntington Beach with partners in crime Elmo Martin and Victor Infante and attended the National Poetry Slam as an alternate for the Laguna Beach team. But that was all before academia got a hold of her. A couple decades and four degrees later she thought maybe she should do that poetry thing again. She just completed her PhD in Biostatistics from USC’s Keck School of Medicine and lives in Altadena in a tiny house that faces the mountains.

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