Graham Smith

Graham Smith

Graham Smith is a poet and former lawyer living in Laguna Beach. His work has been published in If It’s Wednesday, It Must Be Haiku, edited by Martha Duncan, Slam in the Ribs Poetry Night, a Gringo Gazette (Extreme) North Publication, A Poet Is A Poet No Matter How Tall, edited by Raundi K. Moore-Kondo, and the 2014 San Gabriel Valley Poetry Calendar, edited by Don Kingfisher Campbell. Graham has been a featured poet at the Ugly Mug Cafe, Starlight Evening for the Arts, and Indelible Ink. He frequents local poetry readings, where he has been known to read haiku, his favorite form of poetry. Check out his website: Napkins In A Shoebox

Poetry on Cadence Collective: 3 Haiku in February, 3 Haiku in March, rip tides

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