HERFJERF is a newly sprouted SoCal artist whose conquest is to open portals in the minds of the modern human. HERFJERF has recently completed his first collection called Cave Paintings, which premiered at Stan Lee’s Comikaze (2015). HERFJERF is currently developing a collection of clay figurines called The Creatures of Bad Thoughts, as well as another group of paintings that explores the regions of the human body through the subtle body. Thank you.

IMG_2564 IMG_2563 IMG_2556IMG_2560

I let my hands do the talking.
Line by line I design.
I hold Doubt’s head under the water.
I feel the sky pull me in.
I am a romancer.
I am a hypochondriac.
I am many people, places, and things.
I’ve been lost before.
I experiment with terror.
I splash in pools of light.
I find ugliness in beauty and find knowledge in darkness.
I have many ideas.
I have many fears and loves bubbling inside my shell.
I feel the pressure of the world;
The crumbling of dreams.
I pick up the weight of others while they masturbate.
I’ve learned that that’s normal.
I will find a way.
Natural selection.
No, I won’t wait, no way, for another lifetime.

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