Fighting the Kraken


By Stephanie Ervin

After lacerating your
salty flesh with our hefty
cannonballs, swords, gunpowder

you sent sail and flying line
into the fray, catching men
like crabs in your open arms

scooping them up wrapped in
sails like bulky packages,
choking them with their own lines

I grabbed a harpoon and
jumped into the dense water,
diving down until I faced

one of your gargantuan
eyes and sliced in the metal,
watched the black ink squid out

I stabbed until every last
extension of you fell back
in final dying retreat

then I saw my beloved
ship slowly crawl down to curl
on the bare ocean floor

in anger I wrapped a
line around you and hauled
your carcass with me toward

a deserted island where
I beached you and sat
eating octopus for days

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