How to Fix Anything


By Terri Niccum

Put the mushy sponge into the microwave
And hit 6 0 to kill germs.
Put your mushy heart
Into the pocket of a friend
For safe keeping.
The principle is about the same.
Warmth makes right
Or nearly as good again.

Wear red to be remembered
Or drink red to forget.
Put stones in your pocket
If you truly wish to drown,
Or walk only half-way into the forest.
(If you walk further you walk out again.)
If you can save someone
Spare no speed.
If you can only save yourself,
Do so.
If you can’t save anything,
Fill your hands with rose petals,
Lie down in a vat of cream
And breathe slowly, slower, slightly
To Stravinsky.
If someone comes to save you,
Give them a big kiss.
If no one comes to save you
Kiss the dark.

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