Vincent Joseph Noto

Vincent Noto

Vincent Joseph Noto, studied creative writing at CSU, Fresno in the 1980s, and floats adrift, these days, between two schools of poetry: The Fresno School and the Long Beach School. He lived in Long Beach for the past six years but has recently moved with his ever-reading librarian fiancée, Melissa, to Portland, Oregon, He has managed new and used bookstores, and taught in public high schools. His poems have appeared in Contrary, Spillway, Pedestal, Pearl, Waterhouse Review (UK), and Spot Lit(erary) magazines, and his creative non-fiction can be found at Halfway Down the Stairs Quarterly Magazine. His publication links are found on his author page.

Poetry on Cadence Collective: The Last Henhouse, Cholame: Junction Interstate 46/4, No Dove Tale in Augury


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