Igor Goldkind

Igor Goldkind was born in Michigan and raised in San Diego, California. He is a poet, author and lecturer in the areas of Computational Narrative and Speculative Realism. After studying philosophy at UCSC, in 1983 Goldkind moved to Paris to work as a radio journalist and study with Michel Foucault, the French Post-Structuralist scholar. Upon receiving a graduate degree from the Sorbonne, Goldkind moved to London where he worked first for Titan Books in the late 1980s as a marketing consultant and PR spokesperson. Here, Goldkind developed and promoted the term “graphic novel” as a way to sell the new comics being published at the time, like Watchmen, Maus and Dark Knight into the book trade. Goldkind has taught and lectured at Liverpool University, St. Martins School of Design, and the London College of Printing. Igor Goldkind’s most recent work , IS SHE AVAILABLE?, incorporates poetry, art, music, and animation; a collaboration with over 25 artists from the comic, fantasy and fine art (as well as the jazz composer Gilad Atzmon) and is published by Chameleon Publishing. http://is-she-available.com Igor Goldkind continues to write with a forthcoming collection of short stories set in and around a computer environment as well as his first novel PLAGUE; about a mass dementia epidemic. He continue to be the creative mind behind projects that link computational technologies with art, education, and storytelling.

Poetry on Cadence Collective: I Folded My Mother Up

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