Vegas to Home


By Yeggi Kaela Watts

The darkened skyline traces
the intricate waves of mountain tops
beyond the reach of these human hands,
captured by these wandering eyes,
engrained into this cryptic mind.

Clouds form like a blanket
covering the peaks and valleys
and shadows of the unknown
as the wind whispers melodic cadences
deep into the core of this curious heart.

Wet drops sneak into the half-opened window,
watering flushed cheeks with a moment
of juvenile laughter and peace.

Eyes look over, lost in a gaze
forgetting the seven hours that seemed like days
trailing behind this sea of traffic lights and brakes
in a car filled with empty Starbucks cups and endless love.

The night sky falls and the rain drops cease.
The skyline fades into the darkness
and all that is left is a vivid memory
of Vegas to home.

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