If We Were Reasonable


By J.D. Isip

Our measure of the monstrous and of the earth-shattering
might fall to proportional. Starlight and sun rise should
attribute themselves and their services to rotations, latitudes
and the invisible line drawn across the equator. Shadows
would exist as the afterthought of solid matter rather than
reminding us of passing time, lost loved ones, and biblical
curses. We could have this conversation again and you
would tell me how you didn’t mean for it to happen, how
this cannot possibly be the end of the world and being
overly dramatic is drawing attention to us. You would tell
me that you fell in love. Again. And air would still come in
through the lungs, the electric flickers of senses would make
it to the part of us that reasons and, paradoxically, falls in
love. And all of this blood would still be in you. Again.

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