Queen of Hearts - Copy

By Brian Christopher Jaime

(for mama)

I’ll write you a poem about something beautiful
about sunny days
open curtains
bougainvillea in bloom
I’ll fill it with verses about love, life
roses that never wither
hearts that never die
when you read it
you’ll forget all the pain in your limbs
in your dreams
in the truth that is life
it’ll be as if you weren’t ailing
with tubes transporting oxygen to your tired lungs
as if there is no pain in the body
as if life wasn’t hard and taxing
as if people didn’t move away or fade away or stay away
or die
or lose themselves in their own minds

I’ll write you a poem so beautiful
about beautiful things and beautiful sons
it will whisk you away from tears, anxiety, fear
won’t speak of loss, betrayal, distress
or the spot on the rug where his pupils were fixed and dilated
and how when you stare at that spot long enough
the flashbacks roll in
and you relive his last words: I’m alright
and in it, there will be no talk of depression, rape
or courtrooms filled with bullshit judges
instead you’ll find daisies, white puppies
sons who actually live up to their potentials
husbands who weren’t in denial about their diabetes

I’ll write you a poem and it will be beautiful
because you are beautiful, life is beautiful
and because beautiful people deserve beautiful poems
and yours will be the most beautiful poem of all
when you read it, think of me
think of love as beautiful
think of life as beautiful
and cry beautiful tears of joy
without shoulda-woulda-coulda’s
without soreness and sadness
only smiles, warm kisses
happiness, blue skies
silver linings, bright sides
where sons have children
hearts are healthy
dementia doesn’t exist
cats don’t die
puppies don’t pee on the rug
ferns stay green forever
and where he is there
sitting in his favorite chair smiling
saying Morning, beautiful

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