Cadence Collective: Year Two Anthology Update & Announcements

FlowersAs July is well underway, our second full year here at Cadence Collective is coming to an end. We have the 2nd annual Cadence Collective Anthology nearing completion. This year includes over 70 local poets and almost 150 poems selected by a team of 27 opinionated volunteers. We are looking at a release date for the middle or end of August. More information on that coming soon.

Along with the new anthology, there will be other new changes in August. We’ll have a new layout ready as well as a new format for posting poems and accepting submissions. While we have really enjoyed posting a daily poem continuously for the past two years, it does take a lot of time from our busy editors. We have decided to cut back our postings to 3 days a week, and to also open up or submissions to poets living in all of the Southern California area. This will allow us to provide the best poetry from a larger pool of poets and give us time to work on other projects we care about.

Another exciting change is that we will be featuring a new local artist each month. Esmeralda Villalobos has been beyond generous in allowing us to pillage freely from her work for the past 24 months! Now we will pass on the spotlight to other Long Beach area artists who also add to our flourishing community.

We will be continuing our monthly reading series, 2nd Mondays Poetry Party at Gatsby Books. Every month, we will continue to have two features, at least one will be a Cadence Collective contributor, and an open reading list.

Thank you to all our faithful readers in the past 24 months. We hope you will continue to find a place to discover local talent and connect with the Long Beach area community through this website.

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