Scarlet In Darkness

tree circles 1

By Karie McNeley

I’ve heard of the color scarlet,
and I know that it’s sexy paired with black and in bed,
but when I saw Scarlet
she said her favorite color was red.

I’ve curtained through the darkness,
but Scarlet in my eyes forsakes this tomb,
so I’ve dyed my hands the color of scarlet,
I’ve felt velour on my palms in the back room.

I’ve breathed the smoke and the fire
of Scarlet, who has glittered my lungs.
I’ve tried to exhale the connotations of scarlet
with sentimental dreams and experienced tongues.

I’ve discovered the darkness of Scarlet,
eaten through rainbows and never found the right hue.
Red, the leading color, lies dormant, no scarlet,
and all that’s left are the clouds, and blue.

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