Avocado Sunrise

tree circles 1

By Elmast Kozloyan

The day I skipped a philosophy lecture
on logic and modus ponens arguments
was the day avocadoes became an erotic fruit

You greeted me at the door
fresh out of the shower
The smell of spicy cologne and recreational drugs
Permeated my nose as I was pulled inside for a kiss
Our stomached growled almost in unison
He suggested eggs
However hungry for something else
eggs will do for now
I’ve never seen a man pick up a skillet
outside of television
Pleasantly surprised if not slightly aroused
cracksizzleserveTopped with avocadoes from your tree
If I like avocadoes, then I will make your sun rise
I like avocados

Licked a green shmear off your stubbled cheek
Took one last bite
and watched the sun peak through the avocado tree

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