Pleasure, Paid by the Hour

Blue Angel 3

By Raquel Reyes-Lopez

He says there are no more parts of him to offer –
whatever is left is broken. I can take as much of him
I can find. It’ll take 75% less of an effort to convince
him to wear his heart on his sleeve.

He doesn’t care if what I say is truthful.
He needs someone to hold him
so he can understand
he is still whole
despite the fact
she has left him.

He does not want the last remnant
of her touch to remain on his lips.
It’s evidence that chokes in ways
that doesn’t get him off.

He wants me to help him forget.
Remind him not to think about
the way she robbed him.

He told me how she ran away
with his heart only to auction
every piece and artery off
in black market alley ways.

He says I am the encore to the finale.
I’m here because she has disappeared.
He reminds me to be careful because
there are no vital signs left of man
inside him.

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