Snapshots – 1962


by Kevin Clothier

And the sun cupped us
in its generous palm.And the clouds overhead
moved like cattle across the sky.And the slate blue ocean
sent its fingers out to caress our feet.And the sand gave itself to us
in bucketsful.And my brother and I lay on our backs
awash in foam.And our eyes followed the arc
of sea gulls gliding over us.And the sandwiches of gritty peanut butter
filled our mouths.And the flame red apples snapped
as we bit onto them.And the air hung luxuriantly
with the scent of lotion.And the lilt of “Moon River” rose
from the transistor radio.And the honey of our mother’s laughter
dripped into our lazy ears.And the moon lifted its early
smile over the houses.And me in my rapture
ran down to the water,My arms flapping wildly
in the infinite air


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