With Less is More


by Trista Dominiqu

Those who have less, those who
come from the so called nothing,
tip better than those who come
from everything. Ask your waitress,
and waiter they’ll tell you it’s true.

Perhaps it’s because we remember
the bent backs and worn feet of
our up bringers. Memories of
brought home restaurant food
parents carted home after long
shifts at factories, hotels, and diners.

Recalling the grease of the spoon,
sweat of the cook, labor of their
own that goes into each plate. In
these moments of recollection those
with less want to give extra of what
they truly don’t have to give.
It is our subconscious thanks to
the long ago givers of extra tips
who kept us fed, and clothed when
they themselves had no extras but
cared enough to dig out their pocket
change and leave it in the jar, on
the table.

In this thanking the Less have More,
and we acknowledge and take care
of our own, even if it’s just in good

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