A Fragile Heart


By Raquel Reyes-Lopez

In the palm of my right hand
dry saffron. Eyes are closed.
Left hand reaches out into air.

Darkness has become home.
The house turns as the floors
groan. My body is imprisoned

to our bed. I toss the saffron
into my mouth. Somewhere
in San Luis Potosi can you see

baby hummingbirds bleeding?
Recuerda que yo soy frágil.
Do you think of me?

These past few days I’ve been
seeing your caramel skin hanging
on a coat hanger in my closet.

No me recuerdo cuando te fuiste.
The crickets can’t lull me to sleep
anymore. I miss you.


  1. At last. Genuine magical poetry from an elemental source. Not a star, but the very core of the star. Any minute the big bang is going to shift us off our axis. And it will be like this.

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