The Peregrination of the Disregarded

Mermaid 1 - Copy

by Gel Nunez

Disillusionments of a Disneyland that did not exist
Daily border crossing, searching for that ever elusive dream of fortune
Grasping their last worldly possessions in a flimsy brown paper bag
Defeated and despondent, their faces worn, aged beyond their youth
they shuffle their feet across the strewn desert

The hope was still alive but silent

Smiles worn by their lack of interest
They belonged to no one
Their eyes sanguined and deep
Lost in eternal thoughts of clean floors
And odorless restrooms

The hope was still alive but silent

Clinging to the end rails of a never ending locomotive
Deafening screams of metal upon metal
Their tiny hands full of grit and grime
Bathing, a luxury for the fortunate ones
And Priest offering false sanctuaries of God’s love

The hope was still alive but silent

The soles of their feet calloused and rough
Tell a tale of a barter gone awry
Seeking comfort in a father-like figure
Unfortunate to be disregarded of this love
Discounted as a part of the human race

The hope was still alive …..

And without fear
The train halted, there would be children leaving today
Their souls were given to God
And now forever silenced.

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