On Working at a Preschool

Girl and Goat 4

By Natalie Morales

The little girl who causes trouble in class
softens when I ask
what dress she will wear to the ball tonight.
I “Oooo” and “Ahhh”
over her garbled description,
not knowing what she’s saying
but seeing exactly what she’s wearing.
We follow Princess Samantha Cinderella
on her tricycle carriage
to the zoo,
to the jail,
and—where were we going?
Oh, yes! To the ball.

The little girl who causes trouble in class
can dance just like a firefly
so filled with light,
she just seems to blink.
I wonder if she’s ever been
invited to a ball before
or if her mother works two jobs
and doesn’t believe in Magic.
She makes such a damn good princess,
I wonder if I can teach her to set the clock
so it never strikes twelve.


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