Catch Me


By Fernando Gallegos

Coke cans strewn across the sticky rug
Blue Dodge van
Dad tries to stay awake
Midnight in northern Mexico
Pot holed road trip
On the way to mom’s hometown

No job summer
Meant living with grandma until September
Dentists, doctors, pills that tasted different
Morning pan dulce bought with heavy coins
These pesos, bought more kilos of tortillas
And Scribe notebooks than quarters ever bought

Holding hands with grandma
Walking to the plaza, center of town
All cowboy boot men and veil wearing ladies
Seemed more fulfilled with life
Then mom at the end of the month
Asking me to call the City of Long Beach

“we just need two more weeks and we can pay”

Wanted to stay in Michoacan
But they caught me
Brought me back home
Near Ocean blvd, Pussy Cat theater juxtaposed
Against the Ocean center building
Down Electric court, up long apartment stairs

“we just need to more weeks and we can pay”

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