We Both Know It’s Over

Plant 4

By Karie McNeley


What makes you weary?
How many times have I asked?
Do you dream of me?
Us. Then. There. Here. Future. Now?
Her. Him. They. It. Pizza. Hell?


The vague things you ask
are more than I can answer.
I try all the time.
Yes. Yes. Yes. No. I’m sorry.
Maraschino cherries. Yes.


What makes you happy?
Fleeting bouts of hope and joy?
Tight skirts and clichés?
Rum and coke? Tequila shots?
Sex? Death? Money? Trust? Love? Hell?


Simple things. Trees. Birds.
Hopes of a joyful future.
Only Rose, so red.
Yes. Yes. Yes. Not anymore.
No. No. Never. Maybe. Yes.

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