Serving Fresh Fish


By Peggy Dobreer

I am from spinning in circles and rolling down hills
from kickball in the cul-de-sac till streetlights come on
I am from ally ally oxen…
I am from always free falling down tree climbing when curd
cuts through plaster flies up brackish stairwells
I am from damp basement smell of earth
door unbolted above my head
I am from avocado fruit supped off thick black skin
held in the bough of the mother tree
descended from one little alligator pear

I am from below sea level and jut above the eye
King Neptune was my invisible friend
His staff in hand we’d ride the tram from P.O.P.
get caught up with beatnik lesbians in tattoo galleries on the strand
Grandmother didn’t like it not one bit
And it is not because of the way they dress
I am from Bubby’s rules
from Lifeguard Juniors keeping things safe
recycle aluminum bury washed up jelly fish
I am from picking up for others

I am from waves rolling in and slipping out
from glooming in the mist
I am from sun cuts through clouds takes off layers
oils tinted with iodine
I am from transistor radios on sand
sails trilling beyond break rocks
waves meeting at the top of the berm
a havoc of ocean foams between my toes
splashes up my thighs
I am from two fish flapping out of school
I am fresh from loving you

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