Best Estimate

stars in the trees4
By Dan Steinbacher

It is not easy to build
a new home in your heart,
but that does not mean
that you should not remove the key
from the matchbox hiding place,
open the old cellar door,
and dust off the blueprints anyway.

The instruments will be rusty at first,
and you’re likely to forget to
measure twice but only cut once.
With time, your hands will
begin to remember the intricacies of this structure,
the locations of the rough hewn,
load-bearing beams,
of the doors and windows.

Construction will be messy.
There are arteries to divert,
ventricles to widen.
A rib or two might need shifting.
Change can be uncomfortable.

Also, we cannot guarantee
that this process will be timely.
Count on false starts,
missed deadlines and
rainy day delays.

It takes more time to construct custom rooms,
longer than the few minutes you’ve waited
before condemning previous spaces
in this particular organ.
You can’t just go around
bulldozing everything anymore.

the materials are
sustainable, reclaimed, and eco-friendly,
the views are tremendous,
and you’ve got a lot of natural light in here.
If this whole process is expensive,
why not try to remodel?
There’s two whole wings back here
that you’re not really using.

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