Saved Up Tears

Sun sneeze 1
By Irene Mason

So, the tears are falling.
They were saved up for years,
Locked inside, not allowed to trickle
Down my dry cheeks.
But it’s finally time for

That time you changed my
Favorite song on the radio,
While I was singing it,
I tucked them away.
When you left the house
Without kissing me good-bye,
I pushed them back.
When you gave me a backwards
Compliment by saying the house
Looked so much better without all of my
Hoarding piles,
I held them down.
When you took my vulnerable moments
And threw them in my face during an argument,
I didn’t let them flow.
That time you were jealous of my
Peeled, sliced, fruit and called me spoiled,
I stifled them.
When you threatened to leave
And find true happiness,
I held them prisoner.
As you yelled about stupid things
That no one else gets angry for,
I caged them in.
When you denied me joy
For no apparent reason,
Just because you could,
I held them tight.

But now, my person is overflowing.
The tears fall like rain.
I can no longer stall the storm.
The forecast is rain … for days.


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