Our Mother

corner room4
By Manuel Gutierrez

The Earth, wrapped in a towel, waits for her rape kit
in the police station. The rainforest is a yellowed sweater
laying in the alley; moth-bitten brown holes were once green
hand stitching done by your grandmother.

A Missouri congressman assures
us that the Earth has a way of shutting
things down if it was actually a Legitimate Rape™.

They jizzed oil all over the sea birds
and tried to use Dawn soap to hide the evidence.
The polar bears have been shat on and are homeless
because the white knitted icecaps are being nervously unravelled.

God has damned us to this crime scene.
The didgeridooing whales sing our requiem
because we’ve killed the Earth and NASA’s been defunded
so we’re all stuck here damned
to incinerate with the naked corpse of the Earth.

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