corner room1
By Tiffany Dawn Hasse

I always seem to put my pillow case on sideways
I never could walk straight in line
and I don’t ever want to miss my meds again…

And by miss, I mean literally skip a day without them
as in oops, I forgot to take my meds today

Obsessive compulsive disorder isn’t for everyone
and I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone
But if you’re inflicted with it….the only way
to properly politely excuse yourself during
impetuous compulsive behaviors
is to kindly say to your friends and family
“I have to go to the bathroom”
Hoping that this lie will surely suffice
Praying that nobody notices
you’re not actually going to the bathroom
You’re just using its circumference
as a space to engage in ritualistic
nondescript neuro-psychiatric nonsensical babel
that seems to have its own unique ulterior nomenclature

Sometimes silence is the greatest gift
and equally the greatest detriment
Equidistant from pain and from joy

As you leave
and stillness exists
this head persists in decibels

My body shakes
and the water moves
and this bath will fill with tears

This can’t go on forever
not another day
not for me
not anymore.

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