Day #2~ Prompt #2 Pink Jubilation?


Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 9.57.15 PMQuick, before you do anything, write down the last emotion you had before you fell asleep last night.

Got it?  Great now let’s move on.

I love unexpected pairings.  The tension they add to writing, the amazing sound you can get when combining them.  Right now you have the first part of the pairing, time to give you the second part of the pairing.  Write down your favorite color.

And now you have your pair. Emotion color.  these two words can not be separated, for the next hour, or until you finish a poem using that new phrase.  Hating your choice right now?  I don’t care, don’t change it.  Trust your instincts to lead you to an unexpected poem, that not only uses that phrase but somehow relates to this phrase.  Do NOT split the words up.  And let’s attempt a

These two words must appear next to each other in one line of a poem.  And let’s try to make it 16 lines.


Here is your sample, by Chris Koo

Purple Regret

It all started with a single bet
In a shady backroom game of roulette,
That landed me thousands of dollars in debt,
And left me with nothing but purple regret.

At a casino, while watching a quartet,
I was approached by a beautiful brunette.
Or perhaps she was a blonde, I forget.
Anyways, she offered to me a lit cigarette.

Next thing I know, I was sitting with a set
Of men who looked more than a little upset.
As I began to break out in a cold sweat,
Whispered from behind a dim silhouette.

It assured to me that I’ve no reason to fret,
“There is nothing to worry about as of yet.”
Little did I know that the game was preset,
And all the money I owned was under threat.

Now I owe a sum I can’t possibly offset,
Only wishing for a button labeled “reset,”
With heavy feet, I trod into my kitchenette,
And pour myself a glass of purple regret.


Did you notice how this cat did a single rhyme for the whole thing. . .knock me out with his crazy over achieving self.

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