Grape Gathering

synanpses 3
By Mickie Lynn
After Shira Erlichman
And Daniel McGinn

Sink into soft cushions
on this balmy day
secure in the certainty of our love
as I feed you grapes and chocolate
washed down with wine.
This is a comfort poem.

From a small firm seed,
flower clusters transform
into the sweetness on my tongue.
This grape, this miracle, reminds me of
God, Love, and Spirit, as well as
the richness and depth of
humanity’s creativity.
This is an awe poem.

We lay in the vineyard
staring up at the stars.
They sparkle with no sound.
We say nothing.
This is a silent poem.

We cling to those we love
when things go wrong.
The highway comes to a halt when
the Grapevine is snowed in,
wrath is futile like the Steinbeck novel,
and grapes out of reach are always sour.
This is a sad poem.

spirit, and
quiet togetherness
we cling.
This is a love poem.

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