The Natural Order

synanpses 2
By Alex Hazlewood

A green goddess lifts her arms toward the sky
Her hair billowing down like gentle streams
Natural beauty epitomized by her celestial crown
How can such a being exist in this modern world?

I peer beyond the borders of her tiny window.
An endless sea of green.
Green like fast growing grass in spring,
Like the trees blanketing mountaintops before being drenched in white.
Green, the color of the Earth. The color of peace.
The color of money.

The green goddess stares ever forward with lifeless eyes.
Her outstretched arms are as threatening as they are welcoming.
Her hair obstructs her form, hiding her body and her intentions.
Her crown signifies her supreme superiority.
Green is the color of money.
The color of greed.

The Starbucks goddess simply smiles from her tiny window.
Perhaps oblivious, perhaps aware.
She makes me think.

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