Tomorrow Is Today

Hanging Heart 3
By Faith Gobeli

Tomorrow is today,
One lingering moment held captive by two voices.
Yes, we have fixed our lying down and our rising up
To words whispered in the dark
Across feathered pillows in linen pillowcases.
See how my eyes open for you,
You are my lullaby, my dream before dreaming,
A wispy, wild spirit destined to question me
With questions that wake the soul from slumber.
The sky knows this and stays under its sparkling cloak
Waiting for me to answer you
With a bedtime story older than the brightest star.
We too are stars growing old and bright and wandering
Into each other’s mysteries.
But the heaviness in our eyes will bring the dawn.
Tomorrow will become today,
And we will repeat ourselves
Until we are repeated by other souls who can stop the night.

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