Hanging Heart 3
By Denise R. Weuve

Her back is lizard skin
drawing blood
from gloved hands
needing to domesticate.
These hands,
with new scabs, trick her into
rooms with fresh sheets
and life-time rates, never hourly.
Now, there is a bible
on the dresser top
instead of a rat in the corner
gawking at her with Polaroid eyes,
turning his nose up at her
drug store perfume.
She’ll have to trade in her ripped jeans
for polyester gowns.
She’ll try to
escape where desert winds blow
and those hands will catch her.
They’ll skin her
to make shoes
or a beige colored purse
that matches any outfit,
even a faded house dress.

Currently on Display at the NYU Library as part of the Riot Grrl Exhibit


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