Christmas Suggestion #8: The Gods Approve of this Suggestion

Alejandro Duarte loves poetry.  No, I mean LOVES  poetry. He carries books of poetry around like insulin, to avoid seizures brought on by the lack of beauty in words.  Not a real thing?  You are so wrong.  So who does a man that needs poetry in his life this much pick for his Christmas Poetry Suggestion?  Fred Voss.  Fred has been part of the poetry scene since I can recall.  A fixture of the blue collar meets the technically beautiful turn of a word.  Alejandro, obviously already has his copy of Hammers and Hearts of the Gods, now you head out to Gatsby Books and get yours.

hammers-hearts-gods-fred-voss-paperback-cover-artFred Voss, in Hammers and Hearts of the Gods has written a goldleaf and grease stained book of poetry that discusses the affects of blue collar work on the reader and the unseen that cut and build the seemingly inconsequential parts that go into our cars, strollers, and bombs. Though he comments freely about class, race, and other social issues, he is able to maintain an optimism and integrity for the work he does as a machinist and the people he comes into contact with. This has been one of my best discoveries of the year. I can’t recommend it enough.

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