Christmas Suggestion #2-It’s Tuesday: Buy a Book of Poetry Day!

Tobi Cogswell takes her turn at a Christmas poetry suggestion.  After reading this paragraph you won’t be able to make another day without The Wolf Yearling in your hands.  May I suggest you read it, if you haven’t already, before deciding which of your way too lucky friends will get this book?

My favorite suggestion for the 12 days of Christmas is The Wolf Yearling, by Jeffrey C. Alfier.  Keith Ekiss says “Jeffrey Alfier evokes a world of sagebrush and dust, a landscape where a hard life comes as no surprise.”  Who, among all of us, does not understand about a hard life?  Reading it in another context though, lets us recognize it, and empathize with it, while not having to call it our own. And lets us nurture a small seed of hope inside us, for beautiful and better things. Trains, whiskey, women, loss, redemption, and the men who squint at all of it through mesquite and cigarettes, The Wolf Yearling has poems for everyone, wrapped in classic scenes of the Southwest in all weathers and lights.

51gnKTJkjFLSure you can sit in your office, hang out on the internet all day long, but just outside your doors is this great book waiting for you.  The wolf is waiting for you in the bookshelf of local poets.  It’s less than 10 feet away from the cashier at Gatsby Books.  Get a moving before everyone else beats you to it.

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