Looking Back

Foot 3
By Irene Mason

Turning around to take one last look.
A tear escapes my eye.
You walking in the opposite direction.
You choosing not to look back.
(Wait. Let’s rewind.)
Parting ways.
Hugging a little tighter, a little longer.
Saying our good-byes with silent looks.
Wondering how it all crumbled.
Packing, moving.
Address changes.
Finding a new place.
Some relief.
Letting the tears run.
Lawyers and Paperwork.
Not playing “House” anymore.
The camel’s back is broken.
Feeling like roommates.
Not wanting to fight in front of her.
5 different counselors.
Years of earthquakes.
Knowing you aren’t my hero.
Trying to make it work.
Some canceled episodes.
Some good family times.
The maternity ward.
Clowns and chocolate.
Jobs and a home.
A life of our own.
A romantic honeymoon.
Wedded bliss.
The marriage kiss.
Saying, “I do.”

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