Spotlight: Long Beach Poetry Festival

Today’s Long Beach Poetry Festival Spotlight is on Thomas R. ThomasKevin Lee, one of the illustrious hosts of LBPF, took a bit of time out of his to day to tell us all a little about Thomas, whose poems you have seen here on Cadence.  Make sure to get to The Liberty Art Gallery nice and early as he will be reading between 11am-12:00pm hour.

thomas r thomasNow in the words of Kevin Lee:

“Imagine if every word was a philosophical statement.  Thomas R. Thomas writes in a way that conveys the personal, but every word, every line, is so concise, calm and balanced that it becomes almost meditative, as though hidden in between the words are little nuggets of wisdom by which you can live your life.”

Kevin Lee suggest we all take a look at Thomas’s poem, Knife Gun Pills, to whet our appetite for this Saturday.

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