Spotlight: Long Beach Poetry Festival

Denise R. Weuve asked the hosts of the Long Beach Poetry Festival to pick one writer they would like to feature here on Cadence Collective and asked them for a brief write up. Today we have Anna Badua’s choice:

So in Anna’s words, meet Mary Animaux:

Please know that we are all thrilled and excited for everyone we’ve invited for the festival. Everyone is worthy of being highlighted! That being said, the writer I’ve chosen, funny enough, is someone I couldn’t ethically nominate because she’s my best friend. But I was very, very happy to vote her in! Mary Animaux has been a huge inspiration for me. I’ve loved her for 15 years! One of my earliest memories of our friendship was me sitting on the pot in her apartment and staring at a dissected iambic pentameter poem taped to the inside of her bathroom door. As long as I’ve known her (and I know it started even way before that), she’s been passionate about words. Picture 5Whether it was poetry painted on her bedroom walls, or always seen with an eye in a book and a finger on a writing apparatus. Her poems reflect her passion; they are rich with vivid imagery and musicality, yet wondrously crafted in simple, easy to read language. Not only is she talented, she’s one of the rarest of types of poets, ego-less, nurturing, and encouraging of other writers. So, she’s not only a fabulous writer, but a truly lovely person. Catch her at the festival reading or her moonlighting as Mary Animaux in one of her two bands belting out her song lyrics—either way, she’s someone you won’t want to miss!

Be sure to check out her very own wordpress, and she will be reading at the Long Beach Poetry Festival Between 11pm-12pm this Saturday.

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