Mustard and Ketchup

By Mickie Lynn

Little one
With mustard stains
And splotches of ketchup
Across your cheek

A smile creeps in
At the corner of your mouth
What wondrous daydreams
Dance through your head?

Dragons prancing with the fairies
In a magical wonderland
A reenactment of a favored cartoon,
Each character playing his part
Crazy colored creatures wildly
Racing in metallic covered boats
Pirate sword fights, talking frogs,
And tinkling silly songs

As I ponder the possibilities…

A small finger touches the plate
Then a flurry of swirling designs
Create an exuberant energy and
The representation of ketchup
In a painting on your table

Pigments of red and yellow
Merge to match the nectarine
Beside your napkin
A Picasso portrayal of condiments

And the smile becomes a wholehearted laugh


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