By Dr. Niama L. J. Williams

for shonda rimes
and her grandmothers

the first thought
collegiality, the use of children
in its absence
“honey, turn it to channel 4 for me;
my program bout to come on”

then engineering
and lasers and rays
and boxes we don’t understand
ruling our homes
children transfixed before them
but no longer walking.

what of the utility of grandma speaking now?
the magic too profound
“honey, turn it to channel 4 for me;
you know my program comin’ on”

“Grandma, you can see the WHOLE SEASON of your program
if we hook it up to netflix first”
Danny’s enthusiasm meets Grandma’s wrinkled brow
netflix not a concept
warbrides’ brains reconcile
at 82.
the flush of wanting to please
puts gleam in Danny’s eyes
and that Grandma recognizes
she knows Danny wants to repay
the magic of full belly
pies crumpets scones
funny things she calls biscuits
all the magic of his Grandma’s hands

Danny wields this new invention
lasers and green lights
and confusing fields of buttons
and suddenly there is her girl
22 weeks of her in one fell swoop
22 weeks of a Black girl whuppin ass in Washington
Danny’s Grandma, Black and English
likes the sureness of this young Black girl
the definity in her decisions
the loyalty of her minions

she gives Danny’s head that rub he likes
and kisses him
then leans back
settles in
thinks children not wasted yet with this contraption
like the young all over the world
they wield it all
for their grandmas.

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