2 Brothers and 3 Sisters

Our story begins
With us all being scattered to the winds

No two parents shared
Separated by
Miles and years
And a lifetime of fears
The only connective tissues
Is our parent’s mistrust issues

No bindings of time to hold us together
5 ships passing in the dark
Perfect strangers

One sister is a mother of two;
Divorced and remarried to an English man

The other sister just turned 22
Lives way up in Quincy and she has never met me

Got a brother 5 years younger
He acts just like his father

Got another brother
That was put up for adoption
Back when my old man
Was a young man in the pen

And one last sister
Who proved angels don’t live long on earth
She passed shortly after birth

2 brothers; three sisters and me…
A six pointed mystery
Six points of scattered misplaced family

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