ev_img20 1

By Jalyssa Groom

I absolutely loathed your name
even before I met you.
Sounds like it’s trying
way too hard to be sexy
and probably the reason why
I had to create little pet names for you
like HubbyChu.

I would have never known
that your crooked rabbit teeth,
your marshmallow layer of chub,
and faux blonde sunshine locks
that beam like a golden gradient
into your dark Jewish roots
would turn me into the very thing
I never wanted to be:
a teenager in unadulterated,

You are here
even if you are 34.4 miles away.
Ready to discuss video games
or comic books,
even feminist politics.
Ready to appreciate
my outfits and makeup,
and sing me to sleep
when we both know
that you’re a horrible singer.
Ready to laugh at my stupid jokes,
and compete to make
the ugliest face.
Ready to tell your dirty secrets
and I’m ready to tell you mine.

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